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Are you a frequent traveller? Do you find it boring sometimes when you are sitting on the airport while waiting for your next flight? Not anymore today! I will explain to you why.

Some decades ago, we can only watch television when at home. There is no way to watch it anywhere like in the airport, while at the park or any place outside your home. With the modern technology we have at the moment, most everything are already possible. You can already communicate anywhere around the world using cellphones and smart phones. You can watch your favorite programs on television anywhere you are and many other things provided by modern electronics and gadgets.

Nowadays, there is this so called Hopper from Dish. How it works? It is so easy. You can already watch a recorded TV without an Internet connection when traveling with the help of Hopper. There will no more boring waiting at the airport because if you have a Hopper, you can watch TV in your smartphone or tablet. Isn’t it cool? If you sign up for DISH, you can get a free hopper. With packages starting at $24.99 for 12 months with 24 month commitment, you can enjoy enjoy watching your favorite TV programs anytime anywhere! Learn more about the Hopper!

Here are the great features of HOPPER:

Hopper Transfers™- With this feature, you watch programs without internet connection. All you need to do is simply transfer your DVR recordings to your iPad with the free Hopper Transfers app before you leave the house. Wherever you are on a long trip or on flights, you can watch movies and TV programs anytime, anywhere!

PrimeTime Anytime™ – With the Hopper™ you can record 6 different shows at the same time during primetime giving you three hours of on demand primetime ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC programming available to you for up to 8 days from initial air date.

AutoHop™ – Many of us are not really lovers of TV commercials. Therefore with AutoHop, you can instantly skip commercials in recorded primetime TV on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Thnaks to DISH who provides free TV with AutoHop™ on the Hopper™.

Whole-Home HD DVR Functionality – The Hopper™ lets you have full HD DVR functionality on every TV, so you can pause, rewind and record live TV in any room. you can also access your DVR library on all TVs so you can record a movie in the living room, start watching it in the bedroom and then finish in the kitchen and vice versa. This is such a very cool feature!

With Hopper, you can already relax on a flight while watching recorded TV recorded TV without an Internet connection. All you need to do is to set-up a recording to watch later your favorite shows or programs. If ever you forgot it before you left home, no worry because Hopper allows you to set-up a recording with DISH Anywhere. This is really a wonderful discovery.

I am letting you know guys that I will be travelling four countries in Europe next month! I am quite excited about it. Hopper might be my companion! Cheers!

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