Silly Ways To Blow Your Travel Budget

Asking if travel is expensive is like asking if tattoos hurt. Of course, they do, and yes, it is! While there are sure to be destinations that are cheaper than others, you still need to save a good sum of money to make your vacation dreams a reality. Once you have the funds for your dream trip, you need to budget them carefully and not waste them unnecessarily. With that in mind, here are six common pitfalls you should avoid to keep from blowing your all-important travel budget.

Booking The Cheapest Flights

When your trip is on a tight budget, booking the cheapest options for flights can seem like a sensible idea. However, if you plan to do this, be sure that you read the fine print first. Far too many airlines entice holiday goers with seemingly low fairs but then pile on a bunch of hidden fees at the airport. Some airlines even have you paying more for luggage than your seats. (more…)


Fun Challenges To Help You Discover The USA

I’ve said it before, there are some people that have never ventured out of the state they live in, and have never even traveled to other countries, which is staggering really considering how easy it is to travel these days. But, in some ways, I can see that it might not necessarily be the ease, more the lack of inspiration to do it or even the fear of the unknown. In truth we can be our own worst enemy. But, if you find you are one of those people who have yet to explore some of the other states in the US aside from the ones in close proximity or your own, then perhaps this article is for you. I plan on sharing with you some of the fun ways you can discover the USA. I hope it gives you some inspiration to maybe start planning some trips yourself in the future. (more…)


The Birthplace Of The Renaissance: A Tuscan Tour

There are loads of places around the world which are known for having a rich history. Some cities have been the home of great battles, leaving behind relics of war which will always leave an impact. Others, though, will have been the home of culture and art, creating a rich tapestry of ideas and inspiration.

Of course, very few have all of this rolled into one. Florence, in Italy, is an exception to this, having been the center of medieval trade for hundreds of years. To push you towards this beautiful city, this post will be exploring some of the key attractions you can visit during your stay. (more…)


Choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle

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Are you done with the Black Weekend Shopping? For sure,  all the shopaholics out there had fun shopping during the black week especially last Black Friday sales and promos. I saw one friend who posted in facebook saying that she already  bought her dream car which sounds really great!  I am happy for her. She said that it is the prize for her hard work. Why not?

How about you? Have  you decided to buy a new car this holiday season as your special gift? Or are you still planning to window shop one?

This is always the topic at home or when we go to a party or  gathering. Family and relatives were always asking me what  would be my dream car?  If  you only know that I am longing for the perfect vehicle that I can use for  road trips. (more…)


Why You Should Travel to Places Near and Far

Some would say the advent of the ocean-going ships contributed the most to advance transportation, but one technological marvel that is less talked about is the internal combustion engine which powered the early cars, trains, ships, and propeller planes.  Because of its fuel efficiency, it was in great demand during the late 19th century.  For the first time, people living in rural areas could choose between several modes of transportation, and open their lives with more worldly experiences.

It’s amazing that even today, there are people who have never left their home state to travel to another one, let alone another country.  Even in a world class metropolis like New York, there are those who have never left the borough they were born in.  It’s a shame that with all the means of getting around we have now, more people don’t take the time to experience something new.  Maybe by reading this blog, they will be encouraged to make a change. (more…)


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