Tips On How To Start a Travel Blog

Sharing on a blog can be a wonderfully rewarding experience. It can be sheer joy to share the excitement of a favorite vacation destination with others. It can also serve as a journal to help you reminisce about a special trip. These are only some of the reasons why I always love to share my travel experiences in my blogs.

Montgolfier balloon in Paris Las Vegas, Nevada. I was there last 2008.

If you are thinking about starting a travel blog now, these tips from Graf von Faber-Castell experts, The Pen Company should help you get started:


Be sure to remain focused in your writing and really pinpoint your message without allowing your thoughts and words to wander too far from the subject at hand. Again, the goal is to keep the visitor engaged in the material being presented on the site.


One of the first things to note about travel blogging is that visitors to your site will stay longer and will be more likely to recommend your site to others if they find it to be visually appealing. Use a font that will allow your visitor to comfortably read the text.


While writing a travel blog is certainly an enjoyable experience, it is not all fun and games. The best blogs require almost constant work. Between writing, updating and making sure that your content is relevant, it is far from easy money. Also remember that you can also turn you blog into a travel book. There are affordable online printing services to do it for you.


There are several ways that you can make money with your blog. The most common way is through advertising. Most major search engines usually have a program set up that will allow you to place their ads and banners on your blog for free. You will then receive a certain amount of money each time one of the ads on your blog is clicked.


No matter how beautiful, relevant and up to date your blog happens to be, you will need visitors to make your travel blog a success. One fast and easy way to do this is by getting your blog listed on as many blogrolls as possible. This can be done by contacting the owner of a blog that you are interested in exchanging links with. This is usually a win-win situation in that it will increase traffic for both blogs. You can also ask the services and advice from online and social media experts who will help you promote your travel blog online.


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