Travel Insurance for Businesses

Some businesses require more traveling than others by employees or owners. If you must travel in business it is a good idea to consider travel insurance for businesses. In the event you are unable to use your regular insurance or do not have health insurance through your company you will be covered while away. There are several types of travel insurance for businesses. One is called protection long haul. This insurance is going to cover medical, dental, travel accident, trip delay, collision/loss damage, business equipment, rental business equipment, and offer international assistance information.

The amount of coverage for something like this can range from 25,000 and up. For example, emergency medical or dental is covered for up to 25,000. Emergency medical transportation is covered up to $100,000 in an inexpensive policy. The idea of travel insurance for businesses is to ensure your trip will be covered, as well as anything that could happen on the trip.

If you find yourself in a car accident you would be covered by the travel insurance. Those who fly internationally quite a bit know how difficult it is for their US insurance to cover them. Travel insurance is meant to cover globally in the case of car accidents or other medical issues.

You will want to compare the various travel insurance companies to see what policy is the best for you or your employees. For any company that does not offer regular health and dental insurance but requires their team members to travel, travel insurance is important.
The amount of the trip or total cost of the trip needs to be submitted when obtaining a quote. The total cost will determine in part how much you are charged for the travel coverage. Additionally the state you live in will also help determine the amount of coverage that you receive.

For those who need money right now to pay for the travel insurance you might consider a cash advance. A cash advance would pay the premiums on the travel insurance in the event your revenue stream has taken a hit. It is better to have the travel insurance than end up paying for the medical or other expenses during travel.

As an example, consider that you have a medical emergency while you are away. If those medical expenses add up to $25,000 the business would have to cover them. For a company that does not have the premium payment on the business travel insurance, you certainly would not have the coverage for a real medical issue. The point being made is that it is better to plan for a worst case scenario than try to cover yourself or employees later.


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