Chatted With My Sister from the U.S.

I just finished chatting with my sister from Dallas, Texas. She said that it is getting warmer now in their place. She also want to go walking after our chat. I guess she is already starting now. I envy her having a nice weather. I also mentioned to her regarding my abdominal pain. I am quite scared because this is not getting better already. I don’t want to take any pain reliever unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor. I also googled what are the particular abdominal pains and sometimes it directed me to testosterone booster reviews. I need to go back gain to the doctor tomorrow to make some blood test, CBC and other medical test to have an idea what kind of pain am I suffering now. I want to document it in my blogs for others to read if they have the same problem. I hope I will feel better soon. Take care dear sister and hopefully we can see each other soon again.


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