Strolling Around Universal City Walk in California

I am finally back here after having trouble with our computers. I just have some chaos about our two computers tonight. One can’t be open and the other one process very slow. I will post the details in my other blog hopefully tomorrow. Did you see the photo that I have here? I guess it is very obvious about that car hanging above that ice cream cone. This was taken in Universal City Walk in California. I can’t believed that I see this famous place in CA personally. That was a long trip from Las Vegas to Nevada that we had last year. Thanks to some relatives who drove their jeep wrangler so that we can go to California. It was a great trip.

Just a short information about current news from the US. I heard today over the television news that the US government will be giving like a Scrap Bonus to those who will buy a new car. It sounds the same in Germany where the government give 2,500.00 Euros to those who will buy a new car in exchange for their old ones that are around 10 years old. This promos is over now. Do you have any idea where to buy your dream car when the US government will do the same like in Germany? If not, you can try to visit The Car Connection. This site offers cars like jeep wranglers. You can also browse for any car models that you might be very interested in. You can also find a lot of informations in every car model including its specifications. I just read that they are having new models and designs for jeep wrangler in 2010. I wish to drive this car one day. It is perfect for driving in my Mother’s province. How about you guys? Just a reminder, don’t drive like what you see in my picture here!


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