Importance of Credit Report in the United States

Obtaining a credit or loan in the United States can sometimes be very difficult. This is very true especially if you don’t have a good credit history or no credit history at all. During my vacation in Las Vegas last year, my sister told me that she is planning to buy a new house. She works as a nurse there. She said that she cannot avail for it because she need a credit report. My sister is still not one year living in Las Vegas as I spent my vacation there. Now she is still building her credit history because of her plan to buy a new house. I guess that is a good plan about her and I will be happy once her dreams are slowly coming true. Everybody wants a good and comfortable life. right guys?

I guess my sister’s husband who is a Realtor in Vegas already know where to obtain a free credit report once she already qualifies to mortgage a house. If not, I might tell them to visit Credit Nexus to obtain a 3 in 1 credit report. My sister even mentioned to me that their social securities are insured to avoid if not to eliminate identity theft. I guess this so-called identity theft is a very difficult thing. Imagine another person is using your name and personal identification to obtain a credit for his own interest. This can be very scary. One way to also find out if your identity is stolen is to obtain a credit report. Just a reminder! Always maintain a good credit history, so that you can avail of whatever credit plan you may obtain in the future. I guess, you have an idea now about the importance of having a good credit report.

…also sharing a picture of The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas during my vacation last year. I miss my U.S. vacation!


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