Experienced the Jura Volksfest in Neumarkt, Bavaria

It is time to visit this blog again! It seems that the author is gone for a long time. She is glad to be backed! There were so many travels that happened in the past, one of the reasons why she was not able to give you some updates. My deepest apology for that.

Let’s go and visit Europe this time. I am bringing you today to the so-called “Land of Beer and Sausages”. How would you love that. There are a lot of festivals going on in Germany especially this summer season. If you love to enjoy and fun, visiting this country is surely a must. In fact, the biggest  beer festival in the world takes place in Munich, Bavaria every year.

Let us forget first Oktoberfest and visit Jura Volksfest. This is a yearly festival held in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz or Neumarkt Upper Palatinate. It takes place every summer, in the month of August. Since there are a lot of places named Neumarkt in Germany and Austria, I am  especially talking here about  Neumarkt, a town   located in Bayern or Bavaria, Germany. Be careful when inputting it in your GPS, you might land to the wrong place.

DE.Neumarkt volksfest.DSC_5629

A horse carriage  during the Jura VOlksfest Parade last Sunday.

I already witnessed this festival for so many times. What I love is its highlight, which is the “Volksfestzug” or the Parade in the Altstadt or Old City. This year’s parade took place last Sunday, August 10, 2014. There were around 103 groups of participants who joined the celebration. It was a perfect timing because the weather was really friendly. You surely need a mass of very cold beer after watching it under the sun.


How many barrels of beers can you drink this time? lolz! The building in the background is the Rathaus or  Town Hall in Neumarkt.

The parade was really very interesting seeing participants with different themes, motives, costumes, accessories, the different floats decorated with various themes, horse carriages were also present and most of all live bands and musicians made it more joyful!

DE.neumarkt.DSC_5902.© myeuroangel
The Ferris wheel, my favorite ride when going to any Volksfest in Germany.

After the parade, we proceeded to the Volfsfestplatz, this is the area where the celebration continues. Here you can find a lot of  amusement rides, vendors selling foods and local delicacies,  there are games of chance and skills and if you want, you can simply sit down inside  or outside the beer tents while listening to the live bands.

If you are nearby in Neumarkt, you can still visit the festival. It started last August 8 and will end on August 18, 2014. Have fun!


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