Fasching, Carnival Photos from Hemau, Germany

The Fasching or carnival season in Germany is almost ending but you still have time to party and have fun. Until tomorrow, known as  the Shrove Tuesday,  also called as Shrovetide Tuesday or  Pancake Tuesday, you can still celebrate the carnival season in Germany . This  is the day before Ash Wednesday. During the Rosenmontag (literally known as Rose Monday) or Shrove Monday, the biggest celebration of Fasching or carnival takes place in  Germany  especially in Cologne, Mainz and Düsseldorf.

A group  wearing priest and nun costumes during the Fasching or carnival parade in Hemau.

There were already a lot of people waiting for the parade at the town center in Hemau last Sunday, March 2, 2014. The parade should start at 2:00 P.M. but it did happened later at around 2:20 in the afternoon or 14:20. We were already waiting for around an hour. We went there earlier to make it sure that we will have a good place to watch the carnival parade. Indeed, we found a perfect spot to take some pictures of the  Fasching participants.

Colorful clown costumes in Hemau’s carnival parade.

It is said that there were   around 1,200 participants with around 60 groups who participated  in this carnival parade. You can find various fancy costumes from  priest to nuns, clowns, swimmers, vampires, Brazilian motives, Chinese costumes and more.

Very interesting presentation of the group wearing Chinese  costumes.

Groups of bands and musicians, colorful and well-decorated floats or various themes and motives were also presented during the carnival parade. Children and adults were also happy to catch sweets and candies  thrown by the participants. You will for sure expect heavy drinking and shouting like the Fasching cry. In Hemau for example, they are shouting “Tangri Tangri”. In  other places in Germany, you can hear  “Helau”  or  “Alaaf.”

A tractor float during the parade.

Indeed the Fasching or carnival season is one of the great festivities to witness in Germany. Hemau is only small town in the district of  Regensburg in Bavaria but they also had a  fun-filled  presentation and celebration of the carnival.

See you next year in  Germany’s Fasching festival!


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