Visiting Zagreb, Croatia’s Capital for the First Time

Hey folks, I am alive in this blog again and finally this blog is backed on the web! I am glad that Google help me back about it and thanks also to a very good friend who is always there to help me. I know I was away here for a long time considering the many things that made me so busy. There are always  offline and online tasks plus the many travels I had in the past months which made  me busy being away from here. I am glad I am back here again to give you some updates. I have a lot of things to share but sometimes I just don’t have enough time to do  it. So let’s keep the ball rolling in this blog!

It was my first time visiting some of the countries in the Balkans, also known as the Balkan Peninsula or Southeast part of Europe. When I received a flyer offering a trip to 4 countries in a span of 9 days, I did not hesitated to book it even I know that I will be travelling alone.


The Mirogol Cemetery. Taken during my visit last April 2013. ©

The Mirogoj is the central cemetery of Zagreb. It was opened in 1876 north of the city center. The mortuary, the impressive and picturesque arcades with the church of Christ the King (architect H. Bollé, 1883-1914) make it one of the most impressive cemeteries in the world.

I invited some friends to go with me but some don’t have the budget for that trip and others already booked for their trip last spring. In short, I ended up going with a group of German tourists in a bus trip to these countries including Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Slovenia. One advantag is, I can speak and understand German language so there is no problem for me to communicate with fellow German tourists. If I have to count all the countries where we stepped foot with, I can say that it was actually 5 countries including Bosnia Herzegovina.


A fountain  in a beautiful park in Zagreb.  ©

One of the cities we visited in Croatia was Zagreb. It is actually the capital and largest city of the Republic of Croatia. Visiting this city also reminds me of my visit to Prague, Vienna or Budapest and other European capitals, where you can see and experience historical sights on its medieval old city with architecture and cobbled streets.

Ban Jelačić statue in Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb. Taken during my visit last April 2013. ©

Ban Jelačić Square called in Croatian as Trg bana Josipa Jelačića or Trg bana Jelačića is the central square of the city of Zagreb, Croatia, named after ban Josip Jelačić. It is the center of the Zagreb Downtown pedestrian zone.

There are many things to experience especially in big capital city like Zagreb. I am happy and contented that during our visit there for a day, I already experience many sights.

Here are the few ones not to miss when visiting Zagreb:

-Gornji grad, (Upper Town) and Donji grad (Lower Town). Never miss the Old Town Gate
-Mirogoj, the central cemetery of Zagreb.
-Parks like the Square of Maršal Tito, King Tomislav square, Zrinjevac Park
-Museums like the Muzej Mimara (Mimara Museum), Muzej Suvremene Umjetnosti (Museum of Contemporary Art), Hrvatski Muzej Naivne Umjetnosti (Croatian Museum of Naïve Art), Arheološki Muzej (Archaeological Museum) and more.


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  1. Deli Says:

    Wow! 4-5 countries in 9 days 🙂 Sounds and looks like a good trip indeed. Thanks for sharing your travels & beautiful photos.


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