My Top Hotels For Games and Entertainment in Las Vegas

I am sharing this post with regards to my own experience when I was in Las Vegas. I am not really into playing games at the casino but when I visited Las Vegas for two months last 2008, I did really experienced it. If you haven’t visited this city yet, you can actually play poker online, blackjack, roulette and other games online. But if you are in Las Vegas, take the chance to experience playing some of these games. Just a reminder, you have to know your limit but if it is only for experience sake, why not enjoy and have fun playing it?

Slot Machines in Caesars Palace– This is where I experienced my first play for slot machines in Las Vegas. I guess, this is the easiest game to play because you just deposit a coin into the machine, pull the lever to make the three reels containing multiple symbols to spin. If you are lucky enough that the three reels land on the same symbol, then you win! I really had fun playing it. I also love the attractions and architecture inside Caesars Palace.

Slot machines at Caesars Palace during my vacation in Las Vegas last 2008.

Roulette in Binion’s Las Vegas– I did not really play this game but I had the chance to watch it when we were in Binion’s Las Vegas. I believed this is also an easy game to play. It is like playing in a carnival roulette which I actually tried everytime we visit a carnival. Since it is a game of chance, it involves a spinning wheel with several numbers on it and a small ball. As a player, you can bet a number which I think is up to 36. If the ball will land on when the wheel stops on the number you bet, then you win.

Binion’s Hotel and Casino is located at Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas. I was there!

Roulette offers many ways to play and win. With our high-technology now like computer and internet, you can already play at the comfort of your home.

Poker at the Bellagio– I actually haven’t played this game yet. I did saw a poker table in Bellagio but how can I play if I don’t know the game yet. I am trying to remember a professional poker from Germany who won the $8.7 million jackpot in the World Series of Poker championship at the Rio Hotel last November 2011. His name is Pius Heinz, who won the third highest payout for a poker champion in history. Can you imagine winning such millions amount and become and instant millionaire? It is quite interesting!

If I know how to play this game, I would surely want to play it in Bellagio just to see other famous professional players like Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu. I heard that The Bellagio is very famous for its poker room. If I cannot play there, I might probably try it online at texas hold em. What do you think folks?

The Fountains of Bellagio. I love watching this show.

Las Vegas, the city which is known as the “Gaming and Entertainment Capital of the World” has truly a lot to offer to its guests and visitors. As the saying I heard from a friend goes, “Whatever you want, you can have it all in Las Vegas”. I can’t wait to visit this city again this year and would surely experience other things that I did not do when I was there.


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