Top Places To Visit in Italy

I had the pleasure to travel to the different places in Italy since 2004. This is one of the beautiful countries I visited in Europe. It is home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. It is also acknowledged as the birthplace of Western culture. “Bella Italia” as it is called is also home to famous luxury cars, trendy fashions, delicious cuisines, beautiful coastal areas and diverse culture, Italy is truly a must-to-see when visiting Europe. No wonder I always enjoy all the Italy tours I had in the past.

Here some of the the top places I visited and plan to visit in the future.

Venice– considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It is known for its canals, its arts and history, architecture, the famous Venice mask carnival is also worth to experience, the Venice International Film festival, are only some of the reasons why tourists from all over the world flock into this city.

No wonder I did visited this city thrice already and I always love it! Venice is one of the most interesting and lovely places I visited in the world.

I had a gondola ride with friends exploring the canals in Venice during my third visit to this city last July 2011.

Rome– known as the “Eternal City”, it is the capital and the largest city of Italy. A 3-day visit in this city is not enough to see everything. At least, I had the chance to be there last summer 2010. I was fascinated by the various historical and architectural ruins I witnessed in this city.

Being classified as a global city, there are simply a lot of things to do and to explore in this city. Its historic center is included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Don’t miss to visit the area once you are there.

the Spanish Steps in Rome during our tour last August 2010.

Cinque Terre — This is one of the highlights of my travel to Italy last year. The five tiny and historic coastal towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso located in the Italian region of Liguria are also very beautiful. They are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Don’t miss to take a cruise along these islands to have a great view of the coastal scenery of the towns. I loved that cruise we had there last time.

Florence-known as Firenze in Italian, this is the capital of Tuscany region. It is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance famous for its art and architecture which made an influence not only in Europe but also throughout the world . I wish to visit this city this year when I will be taking part of a Tuscany trip hopefully in September or October.

There are still many interesting destinations in Italy. Milan, Pisa, Turin, Naples, Verona, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Bologna are only some of the many interesting ones.


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