Important Things I Packed in My Travel Bag

When you bring some gadgets with you when you travel, I do the same. Aside from the personal things I bring with me every time I travel, I always make it sure that I also pack my important travel gadgets in my bag. My trip would be incomplete without these stuffs. One tip to share with you guys before you take off, always check online or read some travel books to get inform in advance about the place you will be visiting.

Here are some of the important gadgets I have in my travel bag;

Pens and A Notebook

Oh yes, I always have ballpoint pens, highlighters and a notebook or journal where I can write notes especially about interesting sights we visited during our trip. I also have an address book with emergency phone numbers in my backpack.

Digital Camera

This gadget is already a part of my daily gadget. Wherever and wherever I go out from the house, this is always packed in my bag. Whether I go shopping, visit a doctor, go walking around, attending parties and other activities, my digital camera is always with me. How much more when I go for a trip? I always love to take pictures as remembrance for my travels. Besides, it is always nice to remember those places we visited and take back memories by looking at the pictures we took during our travel.

Cash , Debit Cards and Credit Cards

I believed thisDon’t forget to bring cash and your debit or credit cards. There are these so-called FX Currency cards where you can withdraw money anywhere around the globe and in any currency. I am always reminded that if we travel, we must avoid if possible bringing a lot of unnecessary things. Instead bring a lot of cash when you can. It is also advisable not to use debit cards but credit cards are safer as debit.

Netbook or Laptop

Most hotels are having wireless internet connection now. In some hotels, it is even free of use. You can obtain the Username and password at the hotel reception. I can also check my emails and update my travel blogs while I am on a trip because I always bring with me my netbook. I can also watch on a bigger screen the snapshots that I took during my trip. I love this gadget!


Anywhere I go this gadget is always in my shoulder bag. I even bring with me two cellphones sometimes. The other one is with camera and the other is just a normal cellphone. We never know when emergencies happen. It is always an advantage when we can call our friends or members of the family about any emergency that may arise.

Lastly, don’t also forget to pack your battery charger, cellphone charger, electrical converter and adapter plugs. Make a checklist if possible so you won’t forget any important travel gadgets.


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