Low Cost Entertainment to Save Money on Vacation

The advent of the Internet and laptop computers have made it easy for anyone with a few fun electronics to entertain themselves for free. Even digital cameras or phones have gotten so cheap that they can be bought with a single 30 day cash advance for hours of endless enjoyment on vacation and when you come home, too. Plan ahead to bring your own entertainment and you can get informed about the best and cheapest attractions in town while saving money on the hotel cable bill.

Get Wifi Ready Hotel Rooms

There are more and more hotels offering Wifi with their rooms. You can then be able to browse the best deals in town and also view online TV shows at hulu.tv. You can bring your favorite movies and play them on your PC. They also work great in the car to keep the kids entertained on the way to your dream vacation.

Strike a Pose

What’s the good of taking a vacation if you can’t bring back some memories. You can get a digital camcorder to take videos that you can upload to Youtube or you can use the camera on your cellphone to take pictures and paste them on Facebook. Now, not only can you take your family on vacation with you, but you can take your entire circle of friends. It’s far more fun to share your experiences when other people can see what you’re up to and make comments on the pictures, too.

Stay Connected

Cell phones are also good in case anyone in the family gets lost or takes too long picking up cigarettes from the corner store. You can call their number and find out where they are instantly. If you leave the kids home, it’s nice to call them and hear their voices even if you do appreciate the adult time you have with your spouse. It can put your mind at ease and help you to enjoy your vacation more.


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