It’s Strawberry Time!

This is a special post here tonight!
It is always too hot during the past weeks until now. The soil in our garden are getting very dry that we need to water it everyday. I guess we will be paying more water bills this year. lol! It is my fault because I love flowers and plants. It is not a problem anyway because hubby never complains. He said that when it makes me happy, then go and let it be! wink!

Don’t you know that it is time for strawberry now? The strawberries in our garden are not growing good the past days. It is just too hot. My first harvest were quite big ones. Now I only got smaller ones. I guess if I can eat strawberries everyday and try to avoid meat and rice, I don’t need to take anymore fat loss diet pill. Sometimes I can’t imagine how did it happened that I already gained a lot of excess pounds during my seven years of living in Europe. I can only give you a concrete answer! I love to cook and eat. lol! What a bad habit of me.

The first picture here were the first strawberries that I harvested from our garden. It is very fresh, sweet and delicious. The strawberry kiosk like below was taken last year as we were on our way for sightseeing to Landshut in Bavaria, Germany.
we just happened to pass-by this strawberry field where you can pick and buy strawberries.


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