Getting Insomniac in Las Vegas

What do you expect when you stay in one of the cities that never sleeps? During my 2 months vacation in Las Vegas, I remember that I never had the chance to go to sleep early. I mean a regular sleep where you go to bed before midnight and have a goodnight sleep. I never knew that time that there is this so-called melatonin which helps individuals who are having sleeplessness problem. I read last night that in the United States, melatonin is considered a as diet supplement. You can also buy it over-the-counter. Unlike other countries like Germany, melatonin is prohibited for sale in the market. I still don’t know the exact reason why melatonin is prohibited in this country. I just see that you can buy it in a UK site named Vitasunn.

Last night, I also read that melatonin is an anti-ageing hormone and is considered to be a natural sleep aide. To my understanding, it helps people who are insomniac or individuals who are having sleep disorder. I was quite scared when I read about Insomnia last night. For all you know, I also have a problem like this most of the time. I mean having problems of falling asleep. When melatonin can help me with my sleep disorder, I might consider taking the product as well but with the advice of a doctor. I believed it is the safest thing to do when consulting a first a professional before taking a certain diet supplement. Am I right guys? Having a good sleep is one of the free things we can have in life. If we are deprived of it, them we will find means to have it.

Here I am striking a pose in Forum Shop in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.


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