Discover Fremont Street in Las Vegas

I did not hear about of Fremont Street in Las Vegas until I visited it last 2008. It was truly a fun experience. The same first night we visited it, we also had a bad experience because our car broke down near MC Donald. I can’t remember the exact location of it. Drive thru MC Donald don’t want to sell us anything because we don’t have a car. We told them that our car is just beside their store but still to no success in the negotiation. Gosh! That was around 2 am and we are really very hungry after partying at Fremont Street. There was also no other shop out there. It was a very disappointing experience with MC Donald. I guess it has also an advantage because I already start to avoid fast foods like MC Donald. I am afraid I might have a bariatric surgery due to eating these fatty and unhealthy foods from this food chain.

We are just thankful because later on comes help from my brother in law’s friend. Somebody towed our car and it is charged to the insurance company. If you have not seen Fremont Street where the famous Fremont Experience always takes place, you better watch the picture above. You can also browse my category here for more images. That is the famous Glitter Gulch and the biggest LED screen in the world. You can watch the performers like bands here for free. Such and amazing experience!


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