Sister’s Car Accident in Vegas

This happened last July 2007, the first months in Las Vegas when my sister started to practice how to drive. As far as I know and correct me if I am mistaken, in the US, a person who has a professional drivers license can teach somebody how to drive. Unlike here in Germany, you must enroll in a driving school to practice driving. During my sister’s first day of driving, she had a car accident. I worried about it and contacted her immediately. Instead of stepping the break, she stepped on the accelerator which caused her to hit their garage. That goodness it was only slight damage to her. Sad to say, the front side of the car wass totally wrecked and part of the the garage also. The worst thing is, she was hit by the airbag on her neck which resulted to burning. I immediately sent her creams for burns and scars to the US. She was thankful that there was no scar left on her neck now.

What is the bottom line here? Be sure that your car insurance is always up to date. You can read for auto insurance reviews to find information whether you are having the right insurance at the right price. I just remember to check the car insurance payments that were auto-debited last month on our bank account. As I checked our bank account history last Wednesday, I found out that the car insurance company debited a wrong amount. I told immediately my husband to call the said company to correct it. I am a banker and accountant by profession. I know how to check balance sheets, income statements, bank reconciliations and other accounting related stuffs. I guess it is basic.

I am happy that dear sister is now driving her own car in Las Vegas..Drive safely dear sistah! I miss you too!


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  1. Steven Adkins Says:

    Don’t worry, driving in Las Vegas is EASY (as long as you stay on the strip which is a long straight line) haha. Seriously, glad to here she is better and recovered.


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