United States Vacation

I was finally in the United States last year. US has been the dream country of a lot of people especially from my home country. They want to go to the US to find for a greener pasture. I had to honestly admit I am one from them. Going to the US for vacation or immigrating to this country is not an easy task especially after the 9/11 tragedy. But maybe for people who are coming from the first world countries, spending a holiday there is not a problem because they don’t need a tourist visa anymore. I am lucky to be a passport holder of a first world citizen being a German citizen now. Sometimes I can say why there are always first or third world citizenship? I think it is unfair sometimes. I believed if you want to immigrate to the US, hiring the experts and professional like immigration attorneys is one of the best way to start.

During my vacation there, one of the main purpose is to find some opportunities. But I guess going back to where I belong is one of the best decision I made in my life. I already think of it a lot of times as I stayed for two months in the US. Germany is still beautiful for me. if you have to ask me what is the best place to stay? I will surely say…There is still No Place like Home” to my one and only Fatherland, Philippines!!! cheers!!

p.s. this photo was taken by a friend Merze in Las vegas strip..


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